Diffrence between process and thread

Process vs. Thread:
“Process is unit of allocation while Thread is unit of execution. Each process has one or more threads. Each thread belong to one process”

*Execution Context:
1)Program COunter(PC)
2)Stack Pointer
3)Data Register
*Process :Unit Of allocation(Resource,priviliges etc)
*each process have one or more threads
*Inter process communication is expensive:need to context swith
*Secure:one process can not corrupt another process

Execution Context:
1)program counter
2)stack pointer
3)Data register
*each thread belong to one process
*Unit of execution(Pc,sp etc)
*inter thread communication is chip:can use process memory and may not need to context switch
*not secure:a thread can write the memory used by the another thread


Microsoft decided to release source code of dot net framework

Great News from Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has decided to provide the source code of the dot net frame work class library. The source code will be provided with the final release of the VS 2008 and Dot net framework 3.5. The source code is provided under the Microsoft reference License. You can read the full post hereI know we can see the code using reflector, but the ability to debug with the source code will be just great. Think how great it would be to be able to press F11 (Step Into) at the Gridview.databind() and see whats happening inside the databind method. IT would be great for all developers of dot net. Just wait for this one and enjoy debugging…