Diffrence between process and thread

Process vs. Thread:
“Process is unit of allocation while Thread is unit of execution. Each process has one or more threads. Each thread belong to one process”

*Execution Context:
1)Program COunter(PC)
2)Stack Pointer
3)Data Register
*Process :Unit Of allocation(Resource,priviliges etc)
*each process have one or more threads
*Inter process communication is expensive:need to context swith
*Secure:one process can not corrupt another process

Execution Context:
1)program counter
2)stack pointer
3)Data register
*each thread belong to one process
*Unit of execution(Pc,sp etc)
*inter thread communication is chip:can use process memory and may not need to context switch
*not secure:a thread can write the memory used by the another thread


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    Please oh please keep writing! Your articles are wonderful!

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